We come from nothing, leave with nothing.
Our only imprint on this world is the impact we have made on others - the memories we leave behind.

This is a lesson that we learnt after the passing of a loved one.
His departure taught us about the ephemerality of life, and the importance of preserving these memories. 




With these thoughts, we set out to proliferate the preservation of memories the way we know best - photography & videography.

These often overlooked tools are quintessential in capturing anything from milestones to everyday moments in our lives. 




"Mono", while most might relate to "monochrome", or "mono" as in singular, is actually a shortening of the phrase "mono no aware"

"mono no aware" (物の哀れ) is a Japanese phrase describing the cognisance of ephemerality.
Translated literally as "understanding of things", the phrase represents the knowledge that all things are transient, and that this transience amplifies the beauty, whilst evoking feelings of sadness at their departure.

The Kanji for mono, 物, was used as the starting point for our logo. The circle - representing completion, wholesomeness, peace. And the angular lines in it, representing chaos in peace: the yang to its yin, so to speak.